The Ryan Leak Group is a leadership development firm located in Dallas, TX led by Ryan Leak. Through Executive Coaching, Inspiring Keynotes, and Team Development programs, the Ryan Leak Group equips leaders with the tools they need to create a winning culture. 


Ryan Leak, a Business Administration Graduate from North Central University, is an Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, & Author that speaks to over 200,000 people and trains over 20,000 leaders each year. Ryan Leak is an Integrative Enneagram Solutions iEQ9 Accredited Practitioner.

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Here’s what you need to know about Ryan Leak: He’s a husband to Amanda and dad to Jaxson and Roman. After that, he’s a Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Author, and Filmmaker that speaks to 200,000 people and equips over 20,000 leaders each year. He is the CEO of The Ryan Leak Group that is a leadership development firm in Dallas, TX.  


He’s known as an ultimate risk taker from his two documentaries:

The Surprise Wedding and Chasing Failure. Ryan proposed to his wife and married her on the same day, having planned their wedding in secret for two years. That documentary went viral in 2013 and the Leaks have been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Queen Latifah Show, and many other various media outlets.


Ryan’s most recent film is called Chasing Failure where he went on a journey to conquer his fear of failure by trying out for an NBA team. Ryan travels the country and teaches people how to remove the limitations that keep them from dreaming. 


Ryan and his family reside in Dallas, TX

Frequently asked questions

When Ryan does corporate events, does he use any religious references?

Great question. No. Anywhere Ryan is speaking, coaching, or training, he is coming alongside that organization to add value and help them achieve their goals. If stakeholders request Ryan to share his story of faith, he is more than willing to do that, but does not do so unless prompted.

How much does it cost for Ryan to come speak, coach, or train?

Another great question. It depends on a few factors like exactly what the scope of the event entails, how many nights he’ll have to be away from home, number of times he has to speak, and the type of audience.

What does Ryan actually do for a living?

This is probably the best question. Ryan has various endeavors that all fall under the umbrella of adding value to other people. Ryan is an author, speaker, and coach. He spends 50% of his work time in Corporate America and 50% of his work time in the church world.

What size shoe does Ryan wear?

If you’re asking this question, you must really love Ryan. Ryan wears a size 12 in casual shoes and size 13 in basketball shoes.


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